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I know things have not really gone down between us in the past months, we've had our ups and downs.

A quarrel makes people think about their feelings. It makes them understand how hard life is without their beloved ones. I feel so sad without you. I wish I never quarreled with you, my love.

Forgive me for being so rude. Sorry for the pain I’ve caused to you. If you can, forgive me.

Before you leave and never return, think one more time. It is better to forgive everything and be happy than lose your happiness…

My heart is heavy; I am silently looking out of the empty window now. Excuse me for the stupid words and actions, please do not be mad at me!

It seems you have decided to part with me. Yes, I know that you have the right to do this after those humiliations and insults that you have experienced because of my actions. But please let me make a romantic evening for you. Give me one more chance. Let me in your heart again, and I will show how desperately I love you. Appealing for mercy, please forgive me.

My Love, I know you would like me to be more demonstrative. I am making efforts on that part despite what you think. But know one thing, even if I don’t always say the words you want to hear, never have I loved so much, so fast. Having you in my life is my greatest happiness and I never want our hands to part.

To me you are exceptional my darling, I’m sorry I don’t make you feel the importance you have in my eyes and my desire to commit and to live our life together. I love you and I want nothing else for us than shared happiness without fear of the next day.

Give me another chance to sit my *i's* and cross my *t's* and I promise you for the umpteenth time that I'll always Love you you xoxoxo

I would want to see that beautiful face of yours once more,the smile on those lips and that angelic voice of yours.

Before you go to bed tonight, I want you to know that someone, somewhere will always love and care for you MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE

I hope and wish we will always be friend for yesterday is only a dream and tommorow,a vision but today's friendship makes every yesterday a "DREAM OF HAPPINESS" and every tomorrow "A VISION OF HOPE"


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