Steps To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

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An Entrepreneur is one who organizes his business ventures and assumes much of the associated risk. 
Below are the steps i think can make you A Successful Entrepreneur 

*POSITIVE MINDEDNESS:Any successful entrepreneur must have a positive mindset.He must be optimistic,and never giving up easily.He must see success where others see failure.When moses in the bible commissioned 12 spies to study the viability of the land of Canaan,the spies return with good fruits to show that the land was fertile.however out of 12 of them 10 returned with fear and sense of defeat.

*PERSISTENCE:Failure is not in the lexicon of a successful entrepreneur.He believes that "champions are not those who never fail,but those who never quit".The celebrated Thomas Edison had tried to manufacture a light bulb 10,000 times unsuccesfully.during this trials,he tested 6,000 vegetable growths in other to get a perfect filament materia that would give good light when electricity flows through it.

*PASSION:Passion is the love of what one is doing. This is what keeps an entrepreneur on,un times of is like the love that sustains the family tough times,which is not money,nor wealth ,nor prestige,nor the number of children

*VISION:This is the ability to see further than every other person and predict the means to have foresight. Most people do not succeed in business because they lack vision. They cannot see business opportunities even when they are available.


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