Rules to living the perfect life

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Most people fail in their business, likewise their carrier because they don't take things important, they say it doesn't matter, but I will tell you it matters alot. There are mostly 4 attitudes you need to exhibit to make things work out in your daily life.

1:Be punctual, most people have missed a lifetime opportunity because of lateness, you keep on saying it's Nigerian time, but you uve missed alot of opportunities because you have failed to be punctual 

2:Being honest, firstly be honest to yourself and God, duping people with unnecessary lies won't take you anywhere, step up and be truthful, stop making money through fraud, be honest in every aspect of life 

3:Determination, your determination decides your fate, determine to work hard and you will see good results, when life seems hard, maintain your integrity and stand firm. 

4:Be prayerful, in your daily life, always pray and ask God for guidance and leadership, you need God to succeed 

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