OHANEZE TO BUHARI: Use Sambisa forest for Ruga, land mass up north larger than in east or south

By tayelilfrosh • July 13, 2019, 08 AM • 80 views • 28 comments

Pro-south socio-cultural organisation Ohanaeze Ndigbo has advised the Federal Government to use the famed Sambisa forest, for the now suspended controversial Ruga settlement programme. The group in a statement issued on Friday through its national publicity secretary, Uche Opaga- Achi noted that Sambisa forest will be ideal because the land mass in the north, is by far much more larger than the one in the east or in south. Ohaneze also kicked against the push by Northern leaders under the umbrella of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), to immediately implement the setting up of Fulani herdsmen settlements popularly known as Ruga. According to the national publicity secretary of Ohaneze, the positions of both ACF and the youth coalition, show the level of impunity they demonstrate or operate. “Nigeria is already on fire, and what was remaining is disintegration, which the action of these people is leading to. They are mongering for war; the country is on fire, there is distress everywhere. It is turning to criminality and absurdity that people will stay in the comfort of their homes and dictate what happens in another zone. “What is the concept of rule of law and human rights; what is the concept of self determination; what is the concept of government protecting lives and property of people under its watch? They have the backing of the federal government and that is the more reason they can just wake up in the morning and begin to say things that are capable of disintegrating the country and nobody cares and they get out of it and lie freely on their beds, while the statement they have made is enforcing, heating the embers of disunity in the country. “Our argument is this, the land in the north is by far much more larger than the one in the east or in south. Why is it that it is in the east and south that they are making emphasis of enforcing Ruga? Our argument is that you have the Sambisa forest that can contain all the cows in Africa and the insurgents are coming in through that axis. Let them go and develop the forest and bring all the cows in Africa and put there. They will be free from all forms of destruction, distraction or problems here and there; there will


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