My Painful Regrets - Episode 2

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Tope woke up,yawned. Mary haven’t returned yet.

She got up from the bed,took her phone and dialed mary’s number but it was switched off.

She cooked her breakfast and decided to bath before eating. She then go outside and fetch water from the bore hole.

she finished with her bath, lotioned her body and clad in a short(not too short) jean skirt and a white top. she sprayed her body with perfume and sat down to eat.

She devoured the food in less than 10minutes and checked the time “7:45”. She rushed out,locked the door and placed the key in a small area under the door.

She got to the lecture room at 8:20. she is late so she will have to sit at the back.

After 20minutes GNS lecturer entered and lectured them for 2hrs.

GNS is the only course she is having so she packed her book and walked out of the lecture room. She saw someone from afar waving at her,it no other person than mary.

She then walk closer frowning

Mary: why are you frowning?

Tope: Don’t tell me you are just coming now

Mary: Am sorry, I slept at my boyfriend’s house. You know that guy i told you about yesterday? charles

Tope: So, he wooed you and you accept to date him immediately?

Mary: Hen now, this guy is so rich. If you see how he sprayed me dollars yesterday night hen

Tope: Shut up, you know where he got that from?

Mary: Forget, am hungry where are you going?

Tope: Hostel

Mary: Lets go together


On the way to their hostel, a guy stopped them

The guy claded in a blue pencil jean, a black nike shoe and a shirt

He is bit tall and a bit handsome


Guy: My sisters *stopping them*

Mary: Our brother *frowning*

Tope: Haba, don’t mind her jare. Good morning

Guy: Thank you. Please i want to ask you the way to the school library, am new here

Mary: Cant you ask another person

Tope: Why are you talking like this mary. Heeemmm,brother the place is somehow difficult to describe. Let me take you there

Guy: Am very greatful ma

Mary: Bye sha. *she hissed and walked away*

On their way to the library, they got to know each other. He told her his name is JOHN and she told him her name is TOPE

** They got to the library**

John: please, i just want to give my friend something here. i’ll be right back

Tope: please you have to hurry up

*He got back after 3minutes*

Tope: you took so long

John: *smiled* am sorry. Can i return the favour of you helping me?

Tope: hmmm,your wish

John: Okay lets go to that restaurant *pointing to a restaurant painted yellow and green*

Tope: That expensive restaurant, i cant afford it o

John: *smiled* Lets go

**they got to that restaurant**

**they sat down**

Tope ordered for fried rice and plantain while John ordered for white rice and meats

After eating

Tope stood up and about living

Tope: Thank you sir, i’ll be going now

John: *clears throat* please can i get your number?

Tope: What about your wife, i don’t want trouble oo

John: Wife? okay, is getting your number mean anything? *smiling*

Tope: *quiet for a while* okay 0816520…..

John: Thank you. Bye






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