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My name is Davina Winfield and I'm 18. I have chocolate brown hair, blue/gray eyes, and tan skin.

I've been an orphan since I was seven years old. My father was an abusive drunk. He would get drunk after work, come home, and beat my mom. He'd hit her over little things like his dinner not being salted enough or his coffee not being fixed right.

One night when I was five, I went to find my mom and I found her in their bathtub with her wrists cut open and blood everywhere. It was called a suicide leaving me with my father.

For the next two years he started beating me instead. When I was seven, I came home from school and found my father hanging from the shower curtain in the same bathroom where my mom died.

I ran to my neighbors and screamed and cried. The cops were called I ended up in an orphanage.

I was never put into a foster home and no one ever came to see me. So, for the past eleven years I have been in the same orphanage just waiting for the day when I can leave.

Right now we are driving down a dark road, surrounded by trees. We were woken up just shortly after we went to bed and were told that they had planned a surprise for us so we all got up and piled inside of a van. So we did as they said and now we are on our way along with three other vans filled with kids.

After a fairly long drive, we stopped when we reached a clearing. There was nothing but a small stage and a small building sitting in the middle.

We all piled out and gathered together.

"May I have your attention please?!" A man in a suit called out stepping up on the stage.

We all turned to face him and grew silent.

"Thank you. Now I bet your all wondering why you are here. How many of you know about the creatures of the night?"

No one raised their hands. For the next twenty minutes the man explained to us about how all the creatures we read about in books are real. Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and so on.

We all laughed and called him crazy until the guy beside him shifted into this huge wolf. We were instantly terrified.

Here's what I've learned.

Vampires: Live for thousands of years. Some feed off of animals and others feed off of blood bags they get from blood banks. They live in groups called clans. They each have a soulmate. They can't turn into bats either.

Werewolves: They live in groups called packs which is lead by the strongest wolf amongst them called the Alpha. They can live for hundreds of years. They also have soulmates. Wolves, especially males, are protective and possessive over their mates. They will kill for them. Rogues are wolves that have no mpack. Rogues are evil and mean and will often steal women and kids from other packs.

Witches and Wizards: They are what you'd expect them to be. They cast spells and mix up potions. They mate with each other. Some live in groups but they mostly live alone.

Demons: Demons are the most feared creatures because they don't feel. They don't love or show any emotions except hatred and anger. They don't mate either so no one is really sure where they come from. They feed off chaos and strife.

Angels: It's no surprise that angels are the purest ones of all others. They can't lie or commit any sin of any kind.

Mermaids: They can live in water or on land. All they have to do is take a step on dry land and they get legs. To get back to mermaid from they must completely submerge their bodies in water. Some lure ships to rocks by singing which ends up killing all those aboard the ships.

The Royal Council: They serve as the main leaders for each species group. There's two wolves, two vamps, one witch and wizard, two mermaid, two angels, and one demon. They have strict set of rules that must be obeyed.

Rule one: It is forbidden and punishable by death for any two species to cross breed.

Rule two: One species cannot kill another without probable cause.

Rule three: The Royal Council is to be respected.

Rule four: Humans are not to be harmed in anyway unless one is bought at auction.

Rule five: The existence of all supernatural species must be kept a secret at all costs.

The council live in a palace in the mountains of Tennessee which isn't far away from us.

"There's one last thing you should know about." The man said. "He's called the Beast. He isn't just one creature, he's three. No one knows where he came from or how he is even possible. He just showed up and started causing mass chaos. He is as strong as a million or more men combined. Parents tell their kids stories about him so they stay out of the woods and listen. He's the only thing that scares demons. His wolfs fur is said to be black as midnight and his eyes are said to be red as blood. The council has captured him and tested on him a couple times to try and figure out how his existence is possible but they've come up with nothing. He has escaped every single time that he's been captured. Last time that was over a thousands years ago. No one knows if he has a mate or three or even if he's killed her. The last thing anyone has heard of him is that he is the leader of a large pack of rogues and other supernatural beings that have gone rogue."

The man then explained what our purpose served. We are to be sold to any supernatural being that wished to purchase us. They can use us for anything the seem fit except for a mate.

The man divided the boys from the girls and then had all the girls go to the small building nearby. Inside we were all stripped of our clothing, bathed, shaved, waxed and groomed to perfection before being put in white dresses. We were then directed back outside to stand behind the stage in a line.

Forty minutes later I could hear rustling, growling, talking, and laughing. I peaked over the top of the stage to see what must've been hundreds of people.

"Welcome!" The man yelled jumping up on stage.

Everyone in the crowd cheered.

"Who is ready to get started?"

Everyone cheered again.

"Then let's get started. First up we have a blonde female with blue eyes." He said as he pulled a girl up on stage.

Two minutes later she was officially sold for $10,000. This continued for the next thirty minutes before he got to me.

"Next is a beautiful brunette with grayish/

blueish eyes."

I scanned the crowd in panic. I stopped when I locked eyes with a pair of blue/red/black ones. The man was standing in the shadows of the trees so all I could see was a silhouette and I could tell that he was at least 6'7.

The breeze blew past me and towards him and seconds later his eyes got brighter and he straightened up.

"$30,000!" I heard a man yell.

"$30,000 going once.......going" The man was cut off by an extremely loud growl.

Everyone looked back at the man I had locked eyes with. The man stepped forward so that the moonlight made him visible.

He was extremely gorgeous. Black hair, chiseled jawline, broad shoulders, some scruff, and large biceps. He wore a black long sleeve t-shirt that did nothing but emphasized his gorgeous body and his jeans did the same with his legs.

"Excuse me sir. Did you want to bid?" The man beside me asked.

"Why would I bid on something when it's already mine?" The mysterious man said in a deep, sexy, smooth yet rough voice.


"She's mine." He growled.

"She can be if you just bid on her."

I don't know what it was but something inside of me told me to go to the man but I couldn't bring myself to move.

"Mate." The man growled.

"That's not possible." The man said pushing me behind him causing the other guy to growl louder.

"You've just made him angry." He said, his eyes glowing red.

"Who? Your demon?"

"The demon was already angry but now you've made the wolf angry to."

The man in front of me grew pale, very pale.

"B-Beast?" He stuttered.

"Bingo." The mysterious man said..


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