Knowing Your Purpose And Choice Of Study

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In the selection of career several youth have failed in selecting the correct course of study, hence, some at the top of learning,discover their purpose and thereby abandon what they took years to study. I tell myself, why the pain?... Why not discover one self first before selection of career. One issue regarding purpose is that, besides discovering it from God , God has conjointly given purpose expression in things we tend to prefer to do or largely realize interest in doing even once we are exusted or not paid for it. we discover joy in doing such.

We can then realize a course to check around such things. cash shouldn't be a drive for our future neither ought to we tend to permit establishments to see our future. One issue regarding purpose is,it speaks louder than cash. cash has limitation in fulfillment.

You could be in a very well paid organization or job and still not have joy or peace withing as a result of you're not feeling fulfilled. Let's get things right and avoid journey in a circle.

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