If you are too big for small jobs, you are too small for big jobs

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Two men set out to a field to cut trees and equal piece of separate lands....

Man 1 kept cutting and cutting

Man two will cut small, rest small

Eventually man 2 was making more progress a than man 1 who was hard working....

So man 1 had to ask Man 2...

Sir why is it that u are not as hardworking as I am, u play and rest in between work while I stay on field and work my ass out, why am I not getting more result than you, u are making more progress with little effort, sir what is the secret????

Man 2/replied:  you spend all day cutting with ur axe and most of the day ur axe head was already blunt.... So u make little progress, but I cut with sharp axe and those times I take to rest, its not necessarily rest, its me taking time to sharpen my axe head so wen next I get back to work I make more progress....

Morals: many of us are like man 1, we are busy doing nothing or little. . .

I will hope that like man 1  you will be motivated and ask those who are in the similitude of man 2 in this group and start smiling daily, weekly as well as monthly.

If you are too big for small jobs, you are too small for big Jobs..





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