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    Date: September 20, 2019, 03:3 PM

 I Found Out My Fiancé Lied About Being Raped,

By ajigijangan • 9 days ago • 8 views • 0 comments
I Found Out My Fiancé Lied About Being Raped,

I've seen girls lying about being raped and I don't know why. 

My best friend has been dating this girl since secondary school and she was a virgin then but both of them got admission into separate universities. Late last year my best friend made a move on her and she declined but few months ago he did the same and she agreed only for him to find out she wasn't intact anymore, and she made up a rape story that everyone believed including her parents. 

Yesterday my best friend called me that he found out his girlfriend lied about being raped, he found conversations of her and her bestie and some guy she calls her school father.. She has a boyfriend in school and she was deflowered by that one. 


My best friend is confused about what to do, he doesn't want to break up with her and he doesn't know how to confront her either. 

What should do you think he should do?


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