How to write a stunning job application letter

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How to write a stunning job application letter

Here is a sample of an email “Job Application Letter”

Tips to remember when writing an application letter

1. Write at the top, the contact information.

2. The letter should be addressed to a name or title.

3. Express your interest in the first paragraph. State where you found the position, and how you'll benefit the employer.

4 The second paragraph should be a summary of your strengths, qualifications, and experience.

5. Conclude with an explicit one-sentence summary of why you're the perfect candidate.

6. Invite the hiring manager to contact you.

7. Sign off appropriately, and write your name.

8. Check to see if content is organized.

9. Make sure it's neat, brief and has no typos.

10. End by politely expressing interest in further dialogue.

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