How To Prepare A Low Fat Afang Soup

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How To Prepare A Low Fat Afang Soup

Today i want take you guys on how to prepare a low fat Afang soup! 


Ukazi, waterleaf, dried fish, stock fish, palm oil, Maggi, small pepper, small salt, Goat meat/cow head.

Cooking Procedure;

* wash, season and cook the meat till tender, then add the stock fish and dried fish. ( Cover and allow all to boil together under a low heat, ( the water not to dry up)

* wash the leaf,blend it and cover your ukazi

* pick, wash, cut and cover your waterleaf ( squeeze off the excess water after cutting)

* Add your little palm oil to the booking meat stock (1 cooking spoon to a glass of water stock ( allow to boil for 30 sec. Under the low heat)

* Add the waterleaf, crayfish, 1 cube of Maggi, Medium onion bulb, a pinch of salt and pepper ( cover and allow boiling for another 30 secs)

* Add the blended ukazi leaf, stir and allow to boil well under normal heat, and the soup is ready to be served.

You can thank me later!

When you try it call me to come n eat oh.

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