How to make Banana bread

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Banana bread is a very tasty and delicious snack,I am a pastra, so I be showing you how to make Banana bread here are the steps to produce Banana bread .Step1:mix 500g of salt, sugar 400g,butter 16table spoon, 4large eggs, 1/4  cup of water 

Step2:mix the dough thoroughly until there are no spots 

Step3:after mixing it, cut the dough into your desired sizes 

Step4:allow it to rise maybe an hour and some minutes 

Step 5:slice your coconut into very small particles with a grinder 

Step 6:fry the coconut without oil just like you are frying groundnut, fry it for like 10mins, be careful not to allow it burn 

Step7:light your even and clean your pan with butter, then place the bread gently on it and give enough space so they won't stick. Don't allow the fire 2burn much

Step 8:place the coconut particles on top of the dough allow both to dry at once Inside the oven, after some minutes, remove it. Then paint a little butter on it to soften the bread. 

Now your coconut bread is ready 

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