Google gears up to launch streaming game service media

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Google gears up to launch streaming game service media

Goodnews for gamers Google has launched there game stadia which you can stream the games you buy from cloud servers with out disks 

What you just need is a good internet or wifi,chrome browser and your laptop or PC 

And then you are free to play your which has really clearer pictures than other rivals 

It has seamless transition with your your PC and phone

You can get it for a price of 130 dollars,I know right it is kind of cheap you can get it if you can't afford PS4.And after which you have bought your games you will pay a monthly stadia service of 9.99 dollars just like your TV decorders 

You stream your games from the cloud to your your TV through chromecast ultra dongle at 4k screen resolution which is very clear and better and if you prefer a smaller screen you can use your laptop or desktop and your phone the choice is yours 

And when they cease your electricity you can switch from your TV to your phone and continue from where you stop isn't that phone so that you won't loose your game progress

discover idea

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