Four Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

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There is this fire that burns when two people are in love and it makes them want each other more and for the relationship to worth the while.But this love fades when one of them starts seeing someone else .

There are signs you notice when this begins to happen; 

1. Behavior Change: The cheating partner becomes more distant, rude, less available. This is all because there is another person with whom they get attention now.

2. Secretive Behavior: All of a sudden, the person becomes secretive with things like their phone and don't take certain calls in your presence

3. Lies: Don't you just hate lies? When your partner becomes fond of telling lies as to where they have been or to what they have been doing and this us regular, they may be cheating

4. No interest in Intimacy: Remember the flame I talked about earlier, if there is a cheating partner, this flame starts to die, and all the intimacy goes to a third party.

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