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    Date: September 20, 2019, 06:6 AM

 Flying Cars Are Here To Change The World

By yuzasef • 8 days ago • 30 views • 2 comments
Flying Cars Are Here To Change The World

What’s the one thing we hate the most about cars? Its traffic and the fact that the roads make it take more time to get to places. Even if you get a car that can move as fast as a plane, the plane would get to the location faster because in the air you can bypass all the long distances that comes from roads.

You get the shortest distance when you don’t have to take long turns and long roads, in the air you just move straight to your destination.

A distance that would normally take up to 6hours with good roads and no traffics would take about 30 minutes in the air because of how the roads are structured. Everywhere is not the road while in the air you can go through anywhere you like with absolutely no obstacles.

Imagine having a car that can fly, anytime the traffic is too much you take it up and get there faster. You can get the feeling of driving your car when you want to and then when you are in a hurry you can fly with your car as well.

We have seen self-driving cars and special cars with bulletproof and all that cars can have and now it’s time to give us cars that can fly. Get yourself a plane or a chopper and a car built in one place. The day you choose to fly you have the car for that.


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