Five Tips To Stay Focused In Medical School

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1. Attend classes: This might seem like a lot of stress but it’s the right thing to do. Some professors/lecturers have the tendency to say things that are neither in your textbook nor online and then you see that exact same thing in your tests or exams.

2. Try to study every day : In medical school, you literally cover a topic that takes 4 weeks for normal students to learn in a week. There is just too much workload, so you basically have no time to pile up work. You have to try to study for at least two hours every day to stay on track.

3. unnecessary Activities: leave some things you know wont be useful to you. Cut the extra time on social media, unnecessary hangouts and not doing anything reasonable at a particular time(this doesn’t sound right but I couldn’t find another way to phrase it) Remember you have a limited time each day, so plan to use it wisely.

4. Ask people for help: As much as you may be so bright in school, medicine is a collective work, where two heads are usually better than one. Dont feel proud to ask for help when necessary to.

5.Ask your lecturers questions: Most of them love it when students challenge them. Try to ask as much questions as you can ask to your lectures. Try to reason with them, and let them make you understand why a certain thing is what it is.


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