Five Tips To Become A Good Poultry Farmer

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Five Tips To Become A  Good Poultry Farmer

Below are tips to become a good poultry farmer 

1.Buy healthy chicks: This is very essential as this is the start of your business, a farmer who buys unhealthy set of chicks would stand at a lose because most of this chicks would die at a young stage.

2.Adequate feeding and drinking trough: This is very important so as to enable all the chicken to feed and drink water and also to avoid suffocation while struggling.

3.Adequate deworming and treatment: This is also important as worms are prone to the stomach of chickens and immunization keeps the chicken from diseases.

4.Adequate removal of dung: This is important dirty poultry brings illness and diseases to poultry so adequate removal of dung helps to keep the chicken healthy.

5.Debeaking in layers: This is the act of cutting the beaks in layer chicken so as to avoid peaking and breaking of their eggs.

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