Features of a bright student

By vivianie • June 11, 2019, 01 PM • 399 views • 93 comments

Firstly what comes into ur mind as a student is that,  you are meant to lead your generation and make positive impacts.

These features are very important. 

1. Knowing the purpose why you are in school. 

2. Always ready and eager to make research on projects. 

3. An upright spirit,  ready to learn 

4. A fighting spirit,  no matter the challenges you should be able to survive and conquer 

5. Having success as ur number one priority 

Note : despite the fact that these features are few, they are very important to students out there,  so as to help them change their perspective about been a bright student. It's not a do or die affair,  just have this features and work with them. 



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