Don't make bad friends

By labaranyusuf1 • 11 days ago • 37 views • 10 comments

Am not saying you should not have friends but pls be carefull of the friends you make this is a true life story.

There was two guys Samuel and Alex.

Samuel was a good boy but on the other hand Alex was a thief.

They were good to the extent Samuel trusted Alex very well and follows every where he goes the warnings of his parents. There is a restaurant in that area anytime Alex was hungry he would go to dat restaurant to steal food to eat as his parents are not always at home.

So one day Alex decided to drag Samuel with him after stealing the food he called Samuel into his room to eat together they ate not knowing that the stew was contaminated by rat.

Minutes later after eating their stomach began to disturb them and they both fell unconscious and was rushed to a hospital where the doctor both of them dead.


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