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    Date: September 20, 2019, 06:6 AM

 DIY tips for beautiful lips

By ayomipovhik • 27 days ago • 520 views • 195 comments
DIY tips for beautiful lips

It has been said that nothing you wear is as important as your smile. This pair of protruding flesh which gets exposed to different temperatures and weather elements are about the least cared for of the human body parts.

Some ladies hide unhealthy lips behind some colour, but when they smile, people cringe at the flakes of coloured dead skin exposed.

Here are four tips to get the healthy lips of your dreams:


The skin on the lip is thin, always exposed and needs more care than the other parts you concentrate on while exfoliating. When you discover dead skin on your lips, exfoliate! The exfoliating process also draws blood close to the surface of your lips’ skin and makes them fuller.


There are two major ways you can do this: Make a mixture of honey and sugar in equal proportions and exfoliate in circular motions after you wet your lips with water. Use a toothbrush with really soft bristles and, after wetting your lips, scrub off the dead skin in circular motions. You do this until the dead skin is gone, but if you have cracks, you should stop after the first exfoliation and put on some serum for treatment.

Treat with serum

The serum, like the exfoliating mixture, can be made at home. Simply mix some Aloe Vera gel or some honey with olive or coconut oil. Apply this to your lips for about 10 minutes to enable deep treatment for your lips. Wash off the excess serum and then apply some balm to your lips freshly conditioned lips.

Smear on some moisturising lip balm

Your lips need something to moisturise and protect them from the harsh conditions they are usually faced with. Avoid lip balms with menthol or alcohol; these ingredients are drying agents and will only make your dry lip condition worse. To make your own balm, simply melt some shea butter or beeswax with coconut oil and allow to cool before use.

Drink up and practice good habits

Beautiful skin is a product of adequate moisturising, both from within and without. While you moisturise your lips with a balm, ensure to hydrate your body with water. Water flushes out toxins and rejuvenates the skin. Avoidance of tobacco, which darkens and thins the lips, is also necessary for healthy lips. Finally, never moisturise your lips with saliva, as this only makes it worse. Saliva is an enzyme that aids digestion and will not moisturise your lips.


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