Ditch These Foods And Drinks Today To Keep Heartburn At Bay

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Heartburn can cause severe pain and make your digestive health worse. Some foods in your diet can lead to heartburn and make the situation worse. Read here to know such foods and drink which you should avoid to prevent heartburn.

Heartburn is a common problem which can cause discomfort. It is a common stomach problem which causes a painful burning sensation in the lower chest. This happens when the stomach acid flows back to the esophagus. Your diet plays a key role in maintaining gut health. An unhealthy diet can trigger heartburn. Some foods are worse for this condition. Avoiding the intake of such foods is a quick way to prevent heartburn. Read here to know some foods you must avoid to keep heartburn as well as acid reflux at bay.

Foods that can lead to heartburn

1. Citrus

If you are experiencing the early symptoms of heartburn them you must avoid citric foods. Citrus can elevate the symptoms of heartburn and make the situation worse for you. You should avoid all sources of citrus. Say a big no to orange juice, grape juice, lemon juice and other juice with citric acid.

2. Chocolate

Chocolate might be an unavoidable food for you but chocolate is another common cause behind heartburn. It can allow the stomach acid to escape into the esophagus and lead to heartburn. It may sound difficult to ditch chocolate but even if you are experiencing any minor symptom of heartburn you must avoid chocolate. Choose a healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth.

3. Spicy foods

Spicy foods indirectly lead to heartburn. The presence of capsaicin in spicy foods makes the digestion process slow. Poor digestion is another cause of heartburn. Spicy foods can trigger other stomach related issues.

4. Fatty foods

High-fat foods are bad for your overall health. Regular consumption of fatty foods can contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Heartburn is also another condition which can be a result of consuming foods high in fat. You should try to consume only healthy fats if you face stomach related issues frequently. Fatty-foods can also lead to poor cholesterol levels.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is bad for your health. It can also contribute to symptoms of heartburn. Alcohol consumption can also increase the amount of stomach acid especially wine and beer. Alcohol can damage other internal organs of the body as well.

Other tips to avoid heartburn

Do not overeat and try to eat small meals man times a day

Avoid consumption of too much fried or oily foods

Try to move a bit after having a meal

Eat at least two hours before bedtime

Include more healthy options to your diet

If you are a smoker you must try to quit

Take adequate sleep and keep stress at bay


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