Common Issues Couples Encounter In Marriage

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Marriage is a Union between to people to create a family. 

There are some difficulties one can encounter in marriage life

1. Trust between partners.

When you are in a intimate relationship with someone you love the tendency to trust your partner and for your partner to trust you too.

Trust isn't gained easily over night it takes time to grow trust and there are things you can do to build that trust.

2. S8x in marriage.

Loving each other doesn't actually conclude that your s8x life will be great. Maybe one of you is eager to have s8x than the other or your partner wants to make love in a way in which your partner feels its romantic but you don't really feel alright about it. One partner may engage in masturbation and also watching pornograhy which the other partner may not like.Whatever the reason may be s8x can be a Big problem in marriage.

3. Money issues.

Quarrelling about money is bad for lots of couples in marriage,but it still happens every time. When you are married you should at some point have a one on one conversation with your partner about how you guys spend money. Maybe one of you is a spender and the other one is a saver argument may surely occur at some point.

What's your take on this? 

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