Biafran soldiers, yesterday, claimed that they were responsible for the increase in the number of votes cast for President Muhammadu Buhari, which enabled him to emerge the winner of 2019 presidential election.

Buhari A spokesperson for the group, Lt. Lawrence Egbeigwe(Rtd.), disclosed this while briefing newsmen in Nnewi, Anambra State.

According to Lt. Egbeigwe, “Biafran old soldiers decided to support President Buhari because of his anti-corruption crusade which has started yielding positive dividends for the nation.

“We decided to speak up, to place on record our monumental support for the President during the election before some unscrupulous politicians will take glory for other people’s efforts.

“We have congratulated Mr President on his re-election. We, however, urge him to take the war against corruption to the next level of getting a judgment against fraudulent individuals who plunged the nation into her present downturn.

“President Buhari is the only one among the presidents of the country that has shown transparency with the Abacha loot; his predecessors were not transparent with the loot.”

The Biafran old soldiers alleged that “before Buhari came on board, Nigeria had assumed a worrisome and notorious status of being the most corrupt nation in the world.

Corruption became the official language of Nigerians. “It became so bad that Nigerians were made to pass through harrowing experience whenever they wanted to travel outside the country, but the narrative has changed since Buhari came on board.”

The veterans, however, reminded the President of their entitlements, which has not been paid since the civil war ended in 1970. He said: “We worked for President Buhari to emerge victorious in the 2019 general elections and it is expedient that he looks into our case, which has become an issue of the political campaign during every election period.

“It is corruption that is responsible for successive governments paying old soldiers that are from the North, West and South but allowing men and officers of Igbo extraction to suffer lack and abject poverty.”