Biblical twins names and meaning

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Biblical twins names and meaning

Here we have the list of Christian twin baby names with meaning. The list contains many examples of names from the Scripture that can be suitable for boys and girls. So, read on and find the best names for your kids.

Twin name


Christian twin boy names

The list of biblical twin names for boys is long, so let’s see some best variations:


Andrew is the name that has Greek origin, and means “a strong man.” Bible mention – Matt 4:18.

Barak is the name that has Hebrew origin, and it means “thunder.” Bible – Judges 4:6.


Daniel is considered as a common biblical name and can be translated as “God is my judge.” Bible mention – 1 Chron. 3:1.

Ebenezer - this original name means “Rock of help.” Bible – 1 Sam. 4:1.

Eliphaz is the name that can be understood as “the endeavor of God.” Bible – Gen. 36:4.

Esau - the name means “he who acts.” This is an uncommon but beautiful biblical name. Bible – Gen. 25:25.

Twin boys

Ezekiel - it is quite traditional Hebrew name that means “the strength of God.” Bible – Ezekiel 1:3.

Matthias is the name with great meaning - “the gift of the Lord.” Bible – Acts 1:23.

Jairus and Jason

Jairus means “the one who diffuses Light” or “my Light” in Hebrew. Bible – Mark 5:22.

Jason - is among the most popular biblical names, and it means “the one who cures.” Bible – Acts 17:5

Micah and Nahum

The name Micah means “humble” in Hebrew. Bible – Judges 17:1

Nahum - another exotic name from Hebrew, it means “comforter.” Bible – Nahum 1:1

Omar and Nadab

Omar is the name that is well known in Hebrew and Arabic languages, and it means “he who speaks.” Bible – Gen. 36:11.

Nadab is the name that means “prince.” Bible – Exodus 6:23.

Obadiah and Othniel

Obadiah is quite uncommon and unique Hebrew name with meaning: “the servant of the Lord.” Bible – 1 Kings 18:3.

Othniel - the nickname option for this name is Niel, and the name means “the Lion of God.” Bible – Joshua 15:17.

Biblical twin names

Titus and Tobiah

Titus is the name from the Latin language that means “pleasing.” Bible – 2 Cor. 2:13.

The name Tobiah has the meaning “Lord is good. It is one more brilliant name from the Scripture. Bible – Ezra 2:60.

Uriah and Zebedee

The name “Uriah” has beautiful meaning “the Lord is my light or fire.” Bible – 2 Sam. 11:3

Zebedee is a Greek name that means “abundant.” Bible – Matt. 4:21

Elihu and Ethan

Elihu - this short name means “He is my God.” Bible – 1 Sam. 1:1

Ethan - another popular name from Hebrew that means “strong.” Bible – 1 Kings 4:31

Emmanuel and Isaac

Emmanuel is well known as a traditional Christian name, and it means “God is with us.” This name is known in Latin and Hebrew. Bible – Isaiah 7:14

Isaac is another known name from the Bible that means “laughter.” Bible – Gen. 17:19

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Peter and Reuben

Peter is a Greek name that is highly popular and means “a rock.” Bible – Matt. 4:18

Reuben is a Hebrew name that means “he who sees the Son.” Bible – Gen. 29:32

Saul and Shem

Saul is a beautifully sounding name that means “the one who is in demand.” Bible – 1 Sam. 9:2

Shem means “renowned” in Hebrew. Bible – Gen. 5:32

David and Cain

David is a biblical name that always remains popular, it means “well-loved or dear.” Bible – 1 Sam. 16:13

Cain is well known name from the Bible that means “possession.” Bible – Gen. 4:1

Jeremiah and Jesse

Jeremiah is another one of traditional Christian names, and it means “exaltation of the Lord.” Bible – 2 Chron. 36:12

Jesse - this is short and great sounding name that means “gift or oblation.” Bible - 1 Sam. 16:1

Names for twins


Mark is the name from the Latin language that means “polite.” Bible – Acts 12:12

Michael is another Latin name that can be understood as “humble.” Bible – Num. 13:13

Christian twin girl names

Adriel and Atarah

Adriel is considered as one of the best biblical names for a girl, the name means “flock of God.” Bible – 1 Sam. 18:19

Atarah means “crown” and can become a great name for your little princess. Bible mention – 1 Chron. 2:26

Adah and Bethany

Adah is an uncommon name from Scripture, and it means “an assembly.” Bible – Gen. 4:19

Bethany is a popular name that can be translated as “house of song.” Bible – Matt. 21:17

Twin girls

Dinah and Chloe

Dinah is a name that means “judgment.” Bible – Gen. 30:21

Chloe is a Greek name that means “green herb.” Bible – 1 Cor. 1:11

Diana and Elisha

Diana is another well known name that originated from the Latin language, and means “luminous or perfect.” Bible – Acts 19:27

Elisha - this is a simple but classy name, that means “the Salvation of God.” Bible – Luke 1:5

Eva and Edna

Eva is very popular, sweet and short name, maybe the most known woman’s name from the Bible, the name has Hebrew origin and means “living.” Bible – Gen. 3:20

Edna - this great name means “delight or pleasure.” Bible – Gen. 2:8

Hannah and Jael

Hannah is traditional Christian name of Hebrew origin that means “merciful.” Bible – 1 Sam. 1:2

Jael is an interesting name, that can be understood as the “one who ascends.” Bible – Judges 4:17

Names for girls

Julia - a beautiful name that has a beautiful meaning, it can be translated from Latin as “soft and tender hair.” Bible – Romans 16:15

Jemimah is the name that has not less great meaning “as beautiful as the day.” This is a traditional, unique name. Bible – Job 42:14

Lois and Lillian

Lois is a name of Greek origin that means “better.” Bible – 2 Tim. 1:5

Lillian - in short variation it can be Lily. In the Latin language, it means “elegant flower” the symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty. Bible – Songs 2:1

Ophrah and Paula

Ophrah means "fawn" in the Hebrew language, this name became quite popular in recent years. Bible – Judges 6:11

The name Paula has a cute meaning "small or little.” Bible – Acts 13:9

Rebecca is a well known name, its meaning can be translated as “beautifully ensnaring.” Bible – Gen. 24:14

Ruth, in Hebrew it means “content.” Bible – Ruth 1:4

Sapphira is an exotic name that means “that relates or tells.” Bible – Acts 5:1

Serah means “the morning star” and can become a great name for one of the twin daughters. Bible – Gen. 46:17

Talitha is a quite uncommon name from Aramaic language, and it means “a young woman.” Bible – Mark 5:41

Tabitha is another name from Aramaic language that means “a gazelle.” Bible – Acts 9:36

This is our list of Christian twin names from the Bible, you can use these pairs or choose names according to your wish. We hope that the meaning of these names will help you.



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