Be yourself not the photocopy of others

By labaranyusuf1 • 11 days ago • 10 views • 0 comments

Some people might say that boy is so good and is loved  by many people and I want be like him without why.

He has this and that and I want to without knowing the source.

The greatest mistake a person Will ever is to pretend to be someone else.

Everybody is made in a unique with each and every having gifts so if you don't have that does not mean it's not coming just know your time has not come.

Everybody in this life has a calendar don't let someone else rush you with their calendar.

Most at times this happen because we don't believe in our self believing in our self can help to a great deal.

Be yourself and stop to envy people getting what you want no matter the time is also an achievement like Eisten said " Not everything that counts are counted and not everything that is counted really counts"

So please be yourself and believe in yourself thank you


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