Attributes of a successful relationship

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No one is perfect, so as as such no relationship is perfect, if you need a good man /woman then you have to work it, change the personality of your spouse to fit in with yours, always try to see the good side of them, buy there are some attributes of a successful relationship which I will highlight 

1:trust.. Trust comes first before love, trust your spouse believe in them and let them know you have 

2:Understanding.. This matters alot because without understanding nothing will work out in a relationship 

3:love..Even the Bible says that God is love, love your spouse as you love yourself and see things work 

4;tolerance.. It also matters alot, if you are a hot tempered person, it might be hard to work out your relationship 

5:Respect.... Ladies, respect the man, obey him and listen to his decisions and also men, honor your wife, she has feelings just like you do, so when making decisions, consider her feelings. 

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