Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social media Its a platform where more than two persons can share and garner information and also interact with people by means of internet  

Today, we have lots of them which palm chat, wechat, pintrest, Instagram, Twitter and the most popular of them all, Facebook.

These medias have been of immense help in dissemination of information .It has also served as a medium of reconnecting with friends from different works of life. It's also a means of educating ones self.

The advantages are almost innumerable that we overlook the disadvantages.

Are there disadvantages? yes of course. And the disadvantages are dangerous. Take for example, there are people online who disguise their identity (impostors) just to scam unaware social media users of their earned money. The spread of fake and misleading information is also on the rise.

What is your take? 

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