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How To Manage Mobile Data

You most probably have heard the saying that Data is life! well is this true? or is it something our Internet service providers just say to make us keep buying data plans?

It is very clear and obvious that for most smart phones out there, 60% of what these phones can do is when they are connected to the internet.

That said, since almost everything is done online these days, you may want to consider strict steps to managing your mobile data hen you are in school. Especially when there is no WiFi networks around

Many Nigerian Universities make internet readily available for students by providing them free WiFi connection to the internet, However, students still experience some glitches when connected to these networks.

These glitches are strongly due to heavy traffic on the network stream.

If you are not a fan of stress, you would readily want to switch from the WiFi network to your own Mobile Data network.

Today we present to you a Hack to enable you manage your data for it to last longer for you. With these Seven Tips, your data would last to a point where you would eventually become surprised.

How To Mange Mobile Data


Turn Off Push Notification and Background Access

Turning off push notifications while mobile data is turned on is a great way to manage your data. Push notification is a command that brings notifications to you as you receive them. If enabled, all your apps will be automatically connected to the internet and they will push notification straight to you.

When turned of, you only get notifications from apps that you are currently working with

Turn Off Background Location

Another great way to manage your data is by turning the Auto-location off. Some of your apps have the permission to read your location at all times, while this is great, it will also consume lots of data especially if you don’t turn off your Mobile data.

So if you want to manage your mobile data this is one great way.


Use Mobile Friendly Sites

Not a lot of people prefer mobile-optimized sites, but they exist for a reason. They strip out stuff like animated ads and unnecessary or large images, meaning they take less bandwidth to load.

So when google optimizes a website for you from your search results, that will help you save and manage your data properly.

Turn Off Data When You Are Not Using It

This is different from Airplane mode, which shuts down everything. By turning off cellular data, you can still get calls and texts, but without the risk of an app secretly connecting while you’re unaware (or you accidentally going over your limit).

This is essential because some highly prioritized applications will continue to refresh in background. So if you’re at class or you are busy, you best want to turn off your data.


Make Downloads only Over WiFi

When downloading any item, be sure you do that over a WiFi connection. Even your updates should be done over a WiFi connection.

Sometimes, when you want to watch a quick video, it’s better to stream than to download, when you stream, you can easily forward to another scene in the video you are watching, something to save your data also.

Source :https://www.magazine.vasiti.com/5-ways-to-mange-your-mobile-data-on-campus


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