5 tips to attract new customers to your business

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5 tips to attract new customers to your business

Businesses are quite tough to run, and your business may just be a smooth one. However, you have the dream of taking your business beyond what it is right now, so get new customers.

This doesn’t mean you should throw away the ones you already have; in fact, you need your existing customers to guide you in whatever process you need to adopt to find new ones.


Here are 5 tips for getting new customers:

1. Do a survey for existing customers

As mentioned earlier, you need your existing customers to guide you on this. Ask them questions on how they feel about your services or products.


So that they don’t act too nice and tell you ‘it’s okay’, ask them for suggestions they think could make the business better. You could also ask what would have excited them about your products or services.

Once you have that info, start planning!

2. Change something about your business

Based on what your customers have told you, start changing something about it. It could be a more attractive logo, reduced prices, products for a younger group of people and so many other ideas.

3. Partner with businesses

Search for top businesses and pitch to them on what you can offer in exchange for your business promotion. Don’t let this be only about YOU or YOUR BUSINESS; they would think you’re just selfish.

Ensure that your idea is creative and beyond intelligent.

4. Create discounts

Discounts are attractive, and when people see that there’s a limited time for it, they quickly venture into buying that product.

Put it up on social media, tag your customers and share flyers. Your existing customers would definitely want their friends and family to enjoy the discounts.

5. Go to where customers are

Customers are everywhere, even at your doorstep. However, for the services you provide or the products you sell, you should know the category of people you need to sell to.

For example, if you’re into the toy business, you need to go to schools, amusement parks or malls where parents take their children to. Share flyers or posters and advertise to them.

Also, follow prospective customers on social media so they can get your attention.


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