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    Date: September 22, 2019, 05:5 AM

 5 natural methods to help you sleep better

By abdulqoyum • 10 days ago • 605 views • 276 comments

Sleeping pills are becoming a popular option to helping people sleep when it should be the last option.

One of the biggest problems of sleep is caused by insomnia, which a lot of people struggle with.

However, rather than taking to pills, there are natural methods to helping you sleep better.


pretty black woman curly hair sleeping on bed

Create a rest-favourable environment

Set a time to always go to bed every day and train your body to adhere to that time. Dim the lights in your bedroom. Have a warm bath. Don’t rush your bath time. Take your time to touch every part of your body in a very relaxing manner. Avoid loud music from the TV or anywhere else. Instead, listen to soft music and leave your window blinds open for fresh air.

Avoid heavy exercise close to your bedtime

Exercising helps you sleep better but you shouldn’t go for heavy physical exercises as they can hinder muscle relaxation and makes it very hard to sleep.


Meditation is a very good way to fall asleep. Relaxing and concentrating will help you sleep better. Also ensure that your environment is conducive for meditation.

Eating habits

Make sure to eat quality food and also eat on time.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil has been proven to help with insomnia. Spray on your pillow or apply a drop on your temples and massage. It will help you calm down and sleep better.


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