4 Fruits you should never take when hungry

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Time limitations as a result of being busy will render your stomach empty or growling. It can also be early in the morning and there is no time to take breakfast and you opt to take fruits. Taking fruits is healthy especially when taken at the right time.

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Make sure you avoid these fruit on an empty stomach:

1. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits are acidic in nature and taking them early in the morning into an empty stomach will irritate the lower oesophagus leading to heartburn as well as stomach ulcers.

The fibre and the sugars in these fruits lower digestion when taken in an empty stomach.

2. Bananas

Most of us take bananas to reduce feeling hungry. This is not good because bananas lead to increased production of magnesium outshining potassium levels in the body and this can harm your heart especially taking it first when hungry.

3. Pears

According to Bright Side, these fruits contain a lot of crude fibre that when taken into an empty stomach, it damages the mucous membrane that can lead to gastric ulcers.


Tomatoes contain tannic acid that when taken in an empty stomach it corrodes the stomach lining causing gastric ulcers. This acid reacts with the gastric acid in the stomach leading to stomachache 


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