3sets of people you will meet inside the bus

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Most people like traveling while some don't like it at all and then some are scared of traveling, but as the case maybe people who travel may tell you about thier experience inside the taxi and also on the road road, when you travel and you are inside the taxi, you get to meet 3sets of people inside the bus, here are the list. 

1:talkative.. This set of people talk continuously inside the bus, they have so much topic to debate on, they argue and never get tired, you will hear things like 2face idibia was playing football before he joined music industry, they just keep debating on useless topics. 

2:music addicts. This set of like listening to music and you will also notice them inside the bus, they plug thier earphone or headsets from the beginning of the journey to the end. 

3:sleep addicts.. This set of people could be annoying, they sleep and snoore inside the bus, some of them will even open their mouth and keep while sleeping, they sleep from the beginning of the journey to the end,even the talkatives can't stop them from sleeping. 

Add yours below if you know any other kinds of people we meet inside the bus 

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