3 life saving tips on how to run your generator at home

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Most people do not know how to run their generators at home that's the reason we experience fire outbreak in our respective homes, there are tips you need to follow to safeguard the safety of your household and also safeguard the safety of your generator. 

1:Do not fuel the generator while it is running, most people say it doesn't matter, bt I say it matters a lot, because you might not know the dangers within, moreover the generator is hot so it might be dangerous, if you want to fuel your generator, turn it off and avoid risk of fire outbreak 

2:The generator should be faraway from your closest, some years back a family of 4 died because of the smoke coming out from the generator, this happened because they generator was very close to where they were sleeping, they left the generator running and the next morning none of them woke up... Be cautious 

3:regular checking of your generator, ensure that you check your generator atlest once in a week to avoid break downs. 

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