Tips to make your phone battery to last longer

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Tips to make your phone battery to last longer

If you have issues with your smartphone draining too fast after charging, then you are not alone. It is common among several smartphones. 

Many would think it has low charge storage capacity or it is faulty. However, this is not the case, and there are various ways you can tweak it to last longer.

1. Lower the screen brightness

If your smartphone battery is draining quickly, then you should check the brightness.  Try reducing the brightness or go to settings and enable the phone to automatically change the brightness based on the surroundings. 

If you are in a brighter place, brightness will automatically change to allow you to read an incoming message or receive a call. 

2. Turn off unimportant notifications

Notifications from apps, news platforms, email messages and such can dilapidate your phone's battery. These notifications utilize more power and make drain so faster. 

Try disabling some notifications that you think are not important to you. You can opt for silent mode if you don't want to disable your notifications.

 3. Your software is outdated

Always remember to update your software to avoid bugging in the operating system. An outdated software affects the battery life and by this I mean, it makes it drain so faster. If you think your operating system is not up to date, do the necessary. 

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