Three Ways To Get Rid Of Lice In Your Hair

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Lice is a parasite the feeds on human blood. 

How i got rid of this parasite by:

1. I relaxed my hair: not a lot of people might want to do this because of the trend of virgin hair reigning now so it's totally optional, but the chemicals in the relaxer helped kill the live lice a little.

2. I applied direct heat using hair dryer while also combing my hair with small comb: nits(lice eggs) can't stay in a temperature that isn't the same as the scalp, therefore direct heat on them killed them while I used the small comb to comb it out. I did this every 3 days for like a week , so that any nit that didn't die and should hatch will be removed too.

3. Last but not least I changed my pillow case and bed sheet everyday. This is because lice can't live outside the scalp for more than one or two days so it's not really necessary to burn all your linens as some people suggested to me.

And remember lice doesn't care if your hair is clean or dirty, it affect all, so regular washing ,although it helps, isn't a very effective way of removing lice


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