TANURE?? PART1 (episode2)

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        The same girl came to buy water again, though different girls came but there was not a day that she didn't come to buy water.It was a daily routine, while loverboy* always tried to start fruitless conversation with her but she seem to be too busy to talk.Richard too had taken it as a daily routine to sell water to all the buyers so as to always see this village beauty.

        One day,she came to fetch water looking so pale.

         "Are you okay?"He asked.

She nodded weakly.When her bowl was filled up,she started walking,as she walked on,she staggered.

        Richard hurried towards her,she seemed like someone who would fall at any time.As he got very close to her,she couldn't support the weight of the bowl anylonger and gave up,the water poured on Richard soaking his clothes.He was awestrucked.

          "I..... I'm so sorry"She muttered.

       "Oh!Maami funmi would kill me"She added, staring at the empty bowl on the ground.

        Richard closed the distance between them,he was taller than her.

    "You look really sick"He said bringing his wet hand to her forehead.

She flinched.

        "You're burning up!"He exclaimed and held her right hand,he grabbed the bowl then he headed back home,they stopped at the front of the house.

         "Wait here"He instructed and took few steps.What if she leaves?He turned around.

         "You can't go anywhere, wait here"He warned and strode off.


        Richard came back and found her sitting on a rock nearby,he gave her some medicines.

          "They'll help to bring down your temperature"He said.

         "Thank you"She muttered.

She watched as he  did a shocking thing by putting her bowl on his head,he called out for Remi to come over and turn the tap on.

Remi came and scoffed taking in the scene.A playboy would always remain one, this was his brother's way of leaving a good impression on this girl.

         If Richard had known that this bowl was so heavy,he wouldn't have volunteered to help her,as he staggered towards the direction of her house.She laughed at the way he walked.

       He shakily turned to face her and she stifled it,she had already taken some of the medicine he gave her.

         When they finally got to her house,he couldn't thanks the heavens enough,he poured the water into a big drum.He felt his neck in a stiff position as he emptied the water.

      "Thank you so much"She said, gratefully.

         "It's nothing really"He replied trying to be cool and collective.

      He stared at how her  hair highlighted those huge eyes and delicate lines of her jaw and neck making her look so pretty,it made him wonder how it would feel to be inside her body.

        "I'm Richard Boyowa but my family call me Oluwakayode, Kayode for short,who doesn't know me around here?"He asked, jokingly.

         "City boy"She smiled.

    Damn!She had dimples....they were simply enchanting.

           "I'm Tanure Ojaide"

          "What a beautiful name for a beautiful lady"He said and smiled inwardly noticing that she was trying hard not to blush.He placed his hand on her shoulder and stared into her eyes.

        "Get well soon, okay?"With that,he walked away.

Tanure watched as he walked stylishly.He was really goodlooking and she wanted to see him again.

A warning went off.

      "He's a city boy and city boys always bring trouble"Her subconscious mind reminded.


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