TANURE?? PART1 (episode1)

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        Chapter 1

         One could begin with the dust as Richard Boyowa drove down the expressway to Ibadan.

        He sighed,he was going to have the most boring month ever,a month to spend in the village when his older brother whom he could talk to as mature men was in Uk.If he doesn't visit now and his one month leave expires,Baba might not hesitate to travel to Lagos and berate his ass.

        He had already given him another name,"The prodigal son".He really had to see his family again, it's been awhile.He just had to make the best out of his stay in the village.

           When he finally arrived home,it was late but just as he expected,Baba didn't let anyone go to bed,he had gathered them up to  welcome him.....his two wives and five children excluding him and Tayo,his older brother whom he had mentioned earlier.

        There was a shout of joy from the household, which slowly subsided after hugging everyone.They made merry,he had a few drinks with his father before retiring to bed for a good night rest.


         Richard was woken up terribly by a hard knock on the door,he angrily got up to see who it was that disrupted his humble sleep.

        "Brother Kayode,Ekaaro"Remi greeted,he was his immediate younger brother.

   "Ehh....Kilode?"He snapped.

         "Baba wants to see you"Remi replied and walked away.

He walked towards the front of the house clad in just a singlet and pair of trousers.

       He found his father in the company of his friends.At this early hours of the morning!He had already called his friends together to listen to his sons achievements.

        "Ekaaro,Baba"He greeted and also greeted all the old men.

Then Baba started talking,he told his friends that his first son was doing well in UK and his second son who was Kayode as it was Richard's native name was a graduate from unilag,had his masters in London and was currently working in a multinational company.

          Richard yawned,he needed more sleep but Baba wouldn't let him leave,he wondered why old men love talking and bragging.If he ever grow old,he didn't want to be a parrot like his father.


        Bisi smiled seeing on seeing Richard walking into the kitchen.

         "Ekaaro maami"He greeted returning her warm smile,his mother had always been his inspiration.He picked up a potato and started peeling off the back.

        Bisi loved the fact that the three boys she had for her husband was doing very well.A thought strucked her.

        "Kayo, when will you bring home a girl?"She asked, seriously.

       Richard thought about Christine,his girlfriend,well,if he would marry her,it wasn't going to happen anytime soon at all,he still had to enjoy life to the fullest before getting focusing on one woman.

          "Maami, I'm still young,you don't have to worry about that"Richard assured.

   Bisi sighed"That's what you always tell me"

        "Relax,soon you'll get to meet her, but don't misinterpret my 'soon"He warned.

Bisi swatted him on the arm playfully and they laughed,this son of hers had always been so hard to understand.


        Richard could hear someone shouting that she wanted to buy water,no one was around so he headed towards where they had a pipe borne water at the side of the compound.

       He got there and met a girl standing, her back was to him with a big black bowl on her head,he turned on the upper pipe.He didn't know how to ask her for money,if he should speak pidgin,Yoruba or English, which one would she understand.He decided to give it a try.

       "How much for a bowl?"He asked.

         "Twenty naira"She replied.

Richard sighed and stared at the bowl on her head,soon,it was filled up,he turned off the tap.

        She turned around to give him money but he couldn't move any part of his body,she was extremely beautiful,a brown skinned girl,her hair was packed in a messy bun,well curved eyebrows, long eyelashes, pointed nose and her lip were full and curved like a well written three.....oh!her breasts were big and......."

        "Take"She said cutting him short from his admirations.

         "It's free"He blurted out.

She frowned but thought it was her lucky day.

          "Thank you"She said and started walking away.

       Christ!Her buttocks were big and well rounded as it shook with each step she made.

      Dimly,he was aware that his trousers were getting so tight.

          "Brother Kayo, Ekaaro o"He heard a voice greeted him,he turned around,It was Remi.

Richard frowned."How many times will you greet me?"He asked, annoyed and strode towards the house,he knew that was just a greeting to snap him out of his fantasy.

Well,he shrugged,his stay at the village wouldn't be boring after all for he had just *found a jewel.

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