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    Date: September 22, 2019, 05:5 AM

Post On LOADEDPENVIBES Forum And Make Money Online in Nigeria

By loadedpenvibes • 16 days ago • 2652 views • 543 comments
Post On LOADEDPENVIBES Forum And Make Money Online in Nigeria


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We May stop checking members post on LOADEDPENVIBES Forum for approval because they are all full of;


1, Irrelevant topics and content,

2, Copied and paste from other sites,

3, Not well structured in sentence and phrasing,

4, Bad English, grammatical and typographical error,

5, Less content not even up to 100-150 words,

6, Jagons and i must post to earn syndrome.

7, Using CAPITAL LETTER case for title.


We don't want such post on LOADEDPENVIBES Forum. We want the site clean and decent from infringement and irrelevant content. Even if we are paying ₦1 for it, it must make sense because we are paying real money. we make sure all relevant activities count because we are paying for real to both non referrals so long you do the needful and stay active.


You just need to chill and exercise patient for your turn as we pay first come first serve. Since we are going to pay you eventually, we have to seriously scrutinize your activities including post and comment.


Quality matter to us not quantity, thats why you may not be seen more post on homepage daily. On LOADEDPENVIBES Forum, we discuss news, gist and relevant matters arising thats why its a FORUM.

So if you need your post to be approved on LOADEDPENVIBES Forum;


1, First thing is to read through all the post on the site.

2, Check on how they are well writing and structured.

3, Now write something meaning like the post on the site.

4, Your post must be unique, original and quality.

5, Copy and paste is not allowed.

7, Avoid sensitive and adult contents like s8x or nvde.

8, Your title and body content must be well structured.

9, Well paragraphed at least from 2-3 paragraph and above.


10, Proofread and avoid grammatical or typographical error.

11, Avoid bad English or grammatical blunder

12, Add photos when necessary.

13, You should understand better. Else your post wont be approved but deleted and no earning. You just need to rewrite before posting on the forum.


Its not a must to create post to earn so please stop i must post to earn syndrome, we have several options for earning on the site which you can leverage on.


However, if you know you post relevantly, if you know your post are unique with high quality, whatsapp me with your post title for me to check. We will keep deleting all the rubbish post to free our database and resources.


Please be guided, share this post with all concerned members.

Join us now and make a lot of money for yourself.

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