Patronizing Our Own Products And Talent (Innoson Motors IVM)

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Innoson motors (IVM); It is quite fascinating how few Nigerians still go against all odds, breaking a lot of protocols to make themselves names in the modern world of innovations and invitation, one of which I admired Innoson motors Nnewi, South-eastern Nigeria. All in Nigeria.

I've quite been an inquisitive young boy, riding through few history books to get few things from the ancient world. And few times I've come across ancient white Inventors mostly from America and Europe. And one of the unique things that I've got to learn about their inventions is that most of the times, they are always backed by the government which serves as a great encouragement to them. But quite unfortunate my Nigerian government doesn't care about that. Discussion for another day anyways.

Few years back, I've always heard of Innoson motors, sounded like a folktales until I saw on a video last week of how it looks like. Kudos to the Governor of Anambra State in this attempt to encourage the successful producer by launching some into his security services. How I wish that all leaders in the country will emulate the good governor and raise our young stars with promising talents. Last year I met a boy that built a little remote controlled jet fighter. It was awesome, but his problem was going to an aviation school which was a tedious task to his family.

But now my major concern is Innoson Motors. Lets enlighten Nigerians lets patronize our own product, or what do you think?


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