Our Vision

Nolly News Vision & Objectives

The idea of nolly news has always been youth empowerment, to create a system where the youths have the right to wealth, a platform that enable them grow finiacially.

We have a vision for the youths, Nolly news is where youths discover their true self, we help the youths know better who they are.

In cooperation with Pynith Limited, programs have been design to help them develop their careers, discover their passion and help them to fucus on that.

Also, in alliance with Pynith Limited we will be offering skills acquisition and running free scholarship program among the students at different educational level across the countries enabling the youths get a proper educational training.

Our Objective.

To empower the youths, educate and train them, having in mind that the youth are the back born of any country. other objectives are:

  • 1. to bring unity among the youths, and develop self confidence in them.

  • 2. to create a movement, a development Initiative. 

  • 3. provide access to resources to transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values and attitudes.

  • 4. to create job opportunities and careers. 

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