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A healthy marriage takes work and ownership of responsibilities.  If one spouse in not taking responsibility for what they bring to the relationship, the marriage will suffer.  So what are you responsible for?

Let’s start with these three items:


Your feelings are the emotional part of your life.  You are responsible for your own happiness and your own love.  God created you to be a loving person who can freely give and accept love.  You also are to take responsibility for your sadness and anger; to deal with them in a way that brings about growth and life.


You are responsible for your attitude.  Have you ever said (or heard someone say) “You make me so mad.”?  Sure, we have either said something like that or heard it.  Well, the fact is, you are responsible for our own attitude.  We choose to be mad or we choose to be angry.  No one can truly make us be or do anything.  It is our responsibility to develop our attitude and own the consequences of our attitude.


Finally, we are responsible for our behavior and how we interact with others. The law of sowing and reaping comes to mind when I think about the affects of our behavior on others; “Our actions have consequences.  When we do loving, responsible things, people draw close to us.  When we are unloving or irresponsible, people withdraw from us.” (Cloud & Townsend, Boundaries In Marriage).

Your marriage will require you to be responsible for you Feelings, Attitude and Behavior.  The more you take responsibility for your life the better chance there is to having a healthy/growing marriage relationship.



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