what causes infertility in men

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what causes infertility in men

Where my men at?

 This one is for you


It's basic knowledge that problems of child bearing doesn't always lie with the women.

We men too can have infertility issues.


I will shed light on some of the things that can make a man infertile but before that let me tell you something about the male reproductive seed (Sperm)


Sperm is produced and stored in the testicles.

The optimum temperature to maintain viable and healthy sperm cells is at 35°C any degree above that harms the sperm cells.

The normal human body temperature is 37°C, a temperature that would greatly harm the sperm cells and even kill them. That was why the testicles were made to drop out of the body's central heat in a sac called Scrotal sac which reduces the temperature by 2°C.


So now you've understood that HEAT kills sperms, let's look at those daily habits that kills your sperms gradually.


#Alcohol - The dangers and disadvantages of excessive alcohol consumption is something we all know already, impotency is one of them.


#UnderWears - when buying underwears, go for 100% cotton, never wear polyester materials, they choke your balls.


#Laptops - They are called laptops but don't keep them on your laps, laptops generate heat overtime, you know where all that heat is going.


#HotBaths - we all like hot baths but don't make a habit of spending too much time in Jacuzzis


#Steroids - This one is for body builders that try to cheat their way to that perfect masculine body. Steroids gradually render you impotent.


#Infections - Try and treat all STDs once detected. Don't ignore it because it's not disturbing you presently or quit medication when you feel relief.


To have healthier sperms cells pay attention to your diets and exercise regularly.


#Fruits - Fruits and vegetables should be your secret weapon when you aim at living a healthy life and quality sperms.

Your sperms taste better too when you make a diet out of fruits regularly.


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