Four things to agree on before dating

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Four things to agree on before dating

A relationship is never a walk in the park as it usually comes with its own challenges. If not well taken care of, relationships can lead to many unadmirable circumstances like deaths, mental problems or even hate. 

Before you get into a relationship and start dating, sit down with the person you love and agree on these four things in order to have a smooth and successful time together. 

1. Whether to have a secret or open relationship.

Other people prefer private lives and will want their relationships to be private. However, others like it when it is known to everyone that they are already taken. Before dating ensure that you agree on the type of relationship you will be in so as to avoid arguments and misunderstandings which easily leads to breakups. 

2. Goals for your relationship. 

Most people get into relationships with different goals. You should agree on what your relationship is aimed at for example marriage, building each other's economic muscles or even how long your relationship is expected to last. 

3. People to be involved. 

You may decide to involve a counselor or an expert to help you in growing your love. Others may also decide to involve their parents, church leaders or even close friends since relationships without good advice and support may not go far.

4. How to spend your time.

 How to spend your time and where or how to meet is very essential. Others may decide to stay together while others opt for long-distance relationships. For long-distance, you should agree on the time and duration you will be spending together.


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