Four Health Benefits Of Kola Nut

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Four Health Benefits Of Kola Nut

One of the cultural symbol of nigeria ethinc group is Kola nut. It is used in wedding,Funerals ,naming ceremony and also used to welcome people. 

Health benefits of kola nut includes:

1, increases circulation rate:The theobromine and caffeine in kola nut increases /spread up the heart rates thereby increasing the circulation of blood in the box.

2,Antibacterial benefit:Research has proved to us that kola nut but extracts can hinder the growth of harmful bacterias.

3, Boost of energy level: Naturally, kola but stimulates the (CNS) central nervous system which increases alertness and boost energy level.

4. Aid Digestion:The extracts and powder from kolanut helps in digestion. It promotes the the production of gastric acid which increases digestive enzymes effectively in the stomach


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