Factors To Consider When Buying A Land

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In Nigeria today we can see that land ownership is an important part of our lives since it is seen as the major part of wealth below are some of the factors to consider when buying a land

1 advice. When buying a land we should definitely seek advice from people who own lands besides the one we want to buy and if we can't contact such people we should ask people who live within the terrain for advice. Reason is because in Nigeria today people have developed the habit of selling a particular land to so many buyers and as such without the proper knowledge you can lose your money.

2 relativity to outside world. When buying a land we should consider the relativity of such land to roads and other places to avoid being disconnected from the outside world. Buying a land with little or no relativity can land us in a situation where we live separate from the outside world.

Most of us have been making so many mistakes in buying lands so next time you want to buy a land wherever It is in Nigeria take these two factors into consideration to avoid regrets.


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