Error of a graduate (episode 1)

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Error of a graduate (episode 1)

 this life a good person who think smart and also carry of his timetable she'll notice one thing in education

Education is not a place of playing if you go there you behave and also write down how you you use to manage your scene of work

But some of our other graduates are now neglecting the issues and procedures of getting a job they also focus in education, without knowing that if you are an undergraduate are you fine are you stupid you will also plan how you and what you do when you graduate why you are in a final year he will also plan how how will you go to for a job not when you came out and become frustrated,

How and what to do to partake in my line

first of all you don't need to neglect people you know or you don't know in your school level because you don't know your helper people you neglected or treat I've normally maybe the one to help you in this life and in education starting or you are ending don't need to treat others abnormally

this is what you do to be successful in job securing not after you finish all studying  you end up looking for a job and you may never find what you want because of last treatment

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