Daily habits that are making you unproductive

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Daily habits that are making you unproductive

Have you ever wondered why you are not ultra productive? It may be because of habits that you have developed which hinders your progression since it uses up your time unknowingly. 


It is difficult to change the habits but you can always replace the bad habits with good ones as long as you are determined to turn into a new leaf.

Some of these habits that affects your productivity are;

1. Multitasking

This habit is common among many people. Your brain focuses on one activity at a time. Multitasking will strain your brain and make it not to focus at all. This will make the two activities you are engaging in be a waste of time. 

2. Complaining

Complaining will tamper with your mood and make you have negative thought towards your job. This undermines your potential as the willingness to do the job will have reduced thoroughly thus interfering with your productivity and potential. 

3. Social media.

You will check your Facebook inbox, WhatsApp messages, Twitter updates and Instagram captions but time will not wait for you because time flies. At the end of the day, you will not have exploited your potentials in productive work but time would have elapsed. 

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