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I know things have not really gone down between us in the past months, we've had our ups and downs.A quarrel makes peo…
By ozorsamsone

What Are the 5 Love Languages?
But what are these five different love languages? Here’s what you need to know.1. Words of affirmationAccording to Cha…
By joshua02

3 dating tips for shy guys
Approaching women can be a challenge to some men especially the shy ones. This can cause them to remain single even wh…
By abdulqoyum

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A healthy marriage takes work and ownership of responsibilities.  If one spouse in not taking responsibility for what …
By qolat0

3 ways to deal with an indecisive partner
Dealing with an indecisive partner is not easy, in some cases, one has to make decisions for both parties because one …
By abdulqoyum

3 ways to simplify your relationship
When looking at most relationships, some are too complicated. Couples find themselves in such situations because they …
By abdulqoyum

Four things to agree on before dating
A relationship is never a walk in the park as it usually comes with its own challenges. If not well taken care of, rel…
By abdulqoyum

How to choose between two men you love
In this generation, many ladies find themselves in a big dilemma after being approached by one or more than two men. B…
By abdulqoyum

Attributes of a successful relationship
No one is perfect, so as as such no relationship is perfect, if you need a good man /woman then you have to work it, c…
By abasifrekeudo

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Deadly prejudice 1
It was just some minutes past 10 in the morning,she was in the kitchen doing the dishes when she heard his car horn,he…
By perfectgentleman

How to know if a guy has lost his love for you
You meet someone in the most random place. You exchange contacts and in a month's time, you are talking every day. You…
By ajibola14

10 signals to know if she likes you
1. Signal#1 she enjoys talking to you2. Signal#2 she's the first to crack a smile or laugh at what comes out of your m…
By kehinde14

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