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How to prepare ofada rice and stew
IGREDIENTS FOR OFADA STEW1. 40 pcs unripe habanero peppers (atarodo, ose oyibo, atarugu)2. 2 green tatashe peppers or …
By samuelerik

How to make meat balls
HOW TO MAKE MEAT BALLS  INGREDIENTS1.mashed beef2.egg3.salt4.groundnut oil How TO MAKE THE MEAT BALLSYou make sure you…
By jamie2020

Useful properties of vegetable soup
This dish is very nutritious but at the same time, light. It is quickly absorbed and improves digestion. Vegetable sou…
By sunny6877

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How to prepare egusi Soup
Ingredients4 cups (500g) Egusi (Melon) seeds3 preparation spoons red oilBeef: best cut and Shaki (cow tripe)Fish: dry …
By rashey

Bacon Mac and Cheese in a Frying Pan
For the Bechamel Sauce1/4 cup unsalted butter1/4 cup flour3 cups hot whole milk1/4 teaspoon nutmegSalt and freshly gro…
By joshua02

How to make pizza
Pizza as the name is currently known has been one of the most consumed snack in our world today, I will be giving tips…
By abasifrekeudo

How to make Banana bread
Banana bread is a very tasty and delicious snack,I am a pastra, so I be showing you how to make Banana bread here are …
By abasifrekeudo

How to prepare beans and spaghetti
INGREDIENTS2 cups of beans1 Spaghetti1 medium sized Fish1 small size tin tomatoFresh tomatoFresh pepper1 medium onion3…
By loadedpenvibes

How To Prepare A Low Fat Afang Soup
Today i want take you guys on how to prepare a low fat Afang soup! ​​​​​​Ingredients;Ukazi, waterleaf, dried fish, sto…
By gareth7

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