3 dating tips for shy guys

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3 dating tips for shy guys

Approaching women can be a challenge to some men especially the shy ones. This can cause them to remain single even when they wish to be in relationships just because they don't have the courage to talk to women.

Most shy men have the fear of being rejected and they, therefore, tend to hide their feelings until it is too late to express them.

Here are three dating tips for shy guys.

1. Focus on yourself and build confidence first 

Majority of shy men fail to approach women because they are afraid of their ability to express themselves. They do not have enough confidence to speak their hearts out. To overcome this, ensure you take time to improve on your social skills.

2. Build friendships with women you are not attracted to

For you to overcome your shyness, build friendships with either female workmates, classmates, or neighbours and always strive to engage in a conversation with them. With time you will get comfortable around them and hence be in a great position to express yourself to who women you are attracted to.

3. Retrain your brain

To draw yourself close to achieving your goal of approaching the woman you are interested in, get rid of any negative thoughts such as past bad experiences and think positively. This will help you to always see the good in each opportunity.

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